Local Electeds, Leaders & Candidates

Beverly City Councilor Kathleen Feldman
Kathleen Feldman
Beverly City Councilor, Ward 5
Jean Bradley Derencourt
Jean Bradley Derenoncourt
Former Brockton City Councilor
Joe McGuirk
Joe McGuirk
Former Cambridge City Council Candidate Joe McGuirk
Chelsea City Councilor Damali Vidot
Damali Vidot
Chelsea City Councilor, At Large
Chelsea City Councilor Enio Lopez
Enio Lopez
Chelsea City Councilor, District 4
Maria Belen Power
María Belén Power
Former Chelsea City Council Candidate
Holyoke City Councilor-Elect Will Puello
Will Puello
Holyoke City Councilor-Elect, Ward 2
Josh Krintzman
Joshua Krintzman
Newton City Councilor, At Large
North Adams City Councilor Ben Lamb
Benjamin Lamb
North Adams City Councilor
Pete White
Pete White
Pittsfield City Councilor, At Large
Former Pittsfield City Councilor Yuki Cohen
Yuki Cohen
Pittsfield City Councilor
Former Pittsfield City Council President
Kevin Sherman
Pittsfield City Councilor, Ward 3
Tanya Lobo
Tanya Lobo
Former Taunton City Council Candidate
Wakefield Town Councilor Julie Smith-Galvin
Julie Smith-Galvin
Wakefield Town Councilor


I’m Down with Downing

It is incredibly refreshing to see a gubernatorial candidate prioritize the needs of Gateway Cities like the one I proudly represent. I am down with Downing because the Governor’s office has lacked empathetic & inclusive leadership willing to address the unique challenges in ALL 351 cities it is responsible for.

Damali Vidot
– Chelsea City Councilor, At Large

Statewide Electeds, Leaders & Candidates

Michael Rodrigues
State Senator, First Bristol and Plymouth
John Barrett
John Barrett III
State Representative, First Berkshire
Paul Mark
State Representative, Second Berkshire
Tricia Farley-Bouvier
State Representative, Third Berkshire
Smitty Pignatelli
State Representative, Fourth Berkshire
Rob O’Leary
Former State Senator, Barnstable
Dan Bosley
Former State Representative, First Berkshire
Patrick Beaudry
Former State Representative Candidate, 5th Hampden
Ben on bus

Moving Forward

I worked side by side with Ben representing a Gateway City and some of the smallest towns in this Commonwealth, and his commitment to ensuring that every person had a voice, regardless of ZIP code, was unwavering. Ben is a leader when it comes to fighting for a clean environment and jobs in the renewable energy sector. Ben fought to expand broadband access in our communities and to make sure that no child was denied opportunities for a quality education. Ben has the vision we need to move Massachusetts forward as Governor.

Paul Mark
– State Representative, Second Berkshire