Downing Responds to Charlie Baker’s Campaign Announcement

For Immediate Release:
December 1, 2021



Emphasizes unaltered campaign mission to deliver concrete solutions to all 351 communities in Massachusetts and disrupt complacent culture of Beacon Hill

East Boston, MA — Following Governor Charlie Baker’s announcement that he does not intend to run for a third term in office, former state senator, clean energy business leader, and current gubernatorial candidate Ben Downing released the following statement:

“When I announced my candidacy in February of 2021, I did so not to run against Charlie Baker or any other candidate — but because I was tired of watching Beacon Hill refuse to act with urgency on the biggest challenges of our time,” Downing stated. “Governor Baker’s decision to not run for re-election marks an opportunity to both upend the culture of complacency on Beacon Hill and elect leadership committed to delivering much-needed change to all 351 communities in Massachusetts.”

“I’m in this race because I believe the future of Massachusetts is limitless, but we cannot afford to wait to tackle our biggest challenges head on,” Downing continued. “From the campaign trail to the corner office, it is long past time we had a renewed sense of urgency and empathy from our governor. I am running for Governor to deliver on robust climate action, a Green New Deal for Massachusetts, and a comprehensive racial justice action plan. This looks like expanding access to affordable housing, improving public transportation, and tackling persistent economic inequality from our Gateway Cities to rural towns across the Commonwealth. Regardless of the gubernatorial field, I am running to pick up the policy-making table and bring it to the people historically excluded in Massachusetts. Together, we can build the Massachusetts we know is possible.”

Since announcing his candidacy in February of 2021, Downing has built an impressive statewide coalition, traveling to 115 towns and cities and attending 85 community meetings. He has backed up his expansive vision for Massachusetts with five comprehensive policy proposals directly informed by the demands, feedback, and activism of those on the frontlines of the state’s biggest challenges. Downing remains steadfast in his conviction that deep community engagement and a commitment to urgent, empathetic leadership makes him the candidate best prepared to deliver on transformative change for Massachusetts.